OnePlus TV | Specs, Features, and Launch Date

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OnePlus has never failed us to surprise with its new launches and not disappointed us this time also, with its new upcoming launch of a brand-new OnePlus TV. OnePlus succeeded in break it’s normal trend of launching smartphones and other accessories.

OnePlus TV

They planning to amaze its users by providing them with more connected TV experience, to actually make smart TV smart, with seamless smartphone integration.

OnePlus TV Launch Date in India with other countries

OnePlus is planning to launch its TV in September of 2019 in India. Other regions would be followed thereafter.

Some Common Specs

The Bluetooth certification covers a range of different model numbers and these suggest a range of sizes will be available. They have cover 43, 55, 65 and 75-inches, which are broadly the main sizes that TVs are selling in – so it makes perfect sense.

OnePlus TV

These codes also contain IN, CN and US – which look like country codes, suggesting variants for each market.

OnePlus TV Specs and Features

This version of the TV series would come with QLED panels for a better and clearer view. It’ll have a voice control feature so that it is easily accessible from any direction its microphone can reach.

55" QLED

With all these features, the one thing which makes it smarter and closer to the series of smartphones we have been witnessing so far is its integrated camera. This feature of the OnePlus TVs makes it a future TV ready for use, today. This TV is likely to be 4k HDR and be android based for easy operation.

Rumors From Other Sites

OnePlus has only revealed a couple of details on the hardware side. Firstly, it’s going to offer voice control and interaction, so there are going to be far-field microphones, according to details garnered in an interview with PC Mag.


The OnePlus TV will also include a camera, presumably to go straight into video calling – but Lau (OnePlus CEO) told Business Insider that it had a solution for privacy concerns with such cameras. Beyond that, there is a little known – apart from the vision of better TV experience.

There has also been the certification of a Bluetooth remote for this TV, although there are no real details about what else it will do, except that it’s listed as an Android device – so it’s most likely that Android is the core code of this TV.

Bluetooth Remote

It’s likely to have google assistant one of the most intelligent AI system so far present. Android TV in itself isn’t new, with Sony TVs, Philips TVs, and many more using the operating system to power their smart features.

Dolby Vision

Our Reviews

As far as price is concerned, based on what OnePlus’s CEO’s post says, it would be in a range of other hyped android based televisions.

As of now, we don’t really know its price range but the TV has been made keeping all the aspects in mind. It is made economically feasible so that this new launch of product escalates its purchase.

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