Joker (2019) | Who Is The Real Joker | And His Evolution (1966-2019)

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As we all know that after The Dark Knight movie Joker character has its own huge fan base and the Joker character is more famous than any other superhero or villain character.

That’s, why Todd Phillips(Director) makes a solo movie on it where they are gonna show the whole story of Joker and gonna tell us about everything that how and why he becomes the bad man.

There is a long list of Joker in all the movies they never find a perfect actor for the role they are randomly changing the actors for the Batman character as well.

In the next movie of Batman, they are coming with Robert Pattinson means they are still finding a perfect actor for the role Batman and we are hoping that they will get the perfect actor in his upcoming movie in 2021.

The list of Jokers is as follow

Evolution Of Joker

The evolution of Joker is quite massive there are a lot of actors who played that role and everyone was the best in their own way the way they perform the character of Joker is awesome.

Batman: The Movie (1966)

The first Batman movie comes out in 1966 which was a quite good movie and the audience like this movie a lot. They tried to show a lot of new technology with some great graphics at that time which was a mind-blowing thing for all the audience.

Cesar Romero plays the role of Joker in the movie and he really did great acting at that time and the audience likes them a lot.


Batman (1989)

Then they come with another Batman movie in 1989 which was a awesome movie and audience like this a lot, and audience really love the way they show the story of Joker and Batman and the graphics and other techs was just awesome in the time of 1989.

Jack Nicholson plays the role of Joker in this movie.


The Dark Knight (2008)

The Third movie of Batman with Joker and this is the most famous movie of Batman not because of the Batman this movie is Famous just because of Joker character this is the one movie which makes a different fan base of Joker after this movie everyone start liking the Joker. Heath Ledger makes this a awesome character and no one can forget the acting of Heath Ledger.


Suicide Squad (2016)

Then they come with a movie named Suicide Squad which was not the story of batman this story was about some bad and special characters with some extraordinary powers and obviously the Joker.

But Jared Leto did not match the level of Heath Ledger and that why most of the people don’t like the Jared Leto.


Joker (2019)

Then in the solo movie of Joker, they come with the Joaquin Phoenix there was a lot of rumors about him that, he is also not gonna match the level of Heath Ledger, he is gonna ruin the movie and many other things but when the Trailer comes out he showed everyone that he also can do this he also can match the level of Heath Ledger. He really did a lot of hard work to make this character very special in the movie. And after watching the trailer we can say he successfully takes this character to a new level.

This was the evolution of Joker so many actors played this role and everyone just make this so amazing in their own way and all the audience love all the actors who played the role of Joker.

Movie Plot

In this whole movie, they show the dark Journey of Arthur Fleck to Joker they show all the things in the movie that Arthur was a normal person but peoples don’t like him and always bully him and because of that he went to depression and becomes a psycho than he finds himself a Joker and take the look of Joker and then all mess starts.

This story is held between the Joker and Thomas Wayne father of Bruce Wayne(Batman).

There is also a small part of the love story of Arthur Fleck and Sophie Dumond and it would be awesome to see the love story in a serious drama film.

Joker Trailers

They tried to show all of the journeys of Joker every single part they revealed in the trailer they show how people bully him, why he went to depression and finally how he becomes the Joker.

You will get all your answers in the trailers.

This movie is releasing on 4th October 2019.

Directed by 

Todd Phillips

Produced by 

Richard Barattaexecutive producer
Bruce Bermanexecutive producer
Jason Clothexecutive producer
Bradley Cooperproducer
Joseph Garnerexecutive producer
Aaron L. Gilbertexecutive producer
Walter Hamadaexecutive producer
Todd Phillipsproducer
Emma Tillinger Koskoffproducer
Michael E. Uslanexecutive producer
David Webbco-producer

Writing Credits  

Todd Phillips(written by) &
Scott Silver(written by)


Joaquin PhoenixArthur Fleck / Joker
Robert De NiroMurray Franklin
Zazie BeetzSophie Dumond
Jolie ChanStreet Worker
Marc MaronTed Marco
Frances ConroyPenny Fleck
Shea WhighamDetective Burke
Mary-Kate MalatMurray Franklin Intern
Bryan Callen
Brett CullenThomas Wayne
Brian Tyree HenryArkham State Hospital Clerk
Douglas HodgeAlfred Pennyworth
Bill CampDetective Garrity
Dante Pereira-OlsonYoung Bruce Wayne
Glenn FleshlerRandall
Josh PaisHoyt Vaughn
Isabella FerreiraFlirting Woman on the Bus
To check the full cast Click Here

Joker Movie Review

The movie plot is looking quite good, the way they show the journey of Joker is really awesome they show every single thing in his journey that how people forced him to be bad person and why he started killing people and other things.

This movie was one of the most awaited movies of 2019 and finally it’s coming on 4th October everyone is so excited to watch the movie and to know the dark story of Joker.

So just book your tickets and go to watch the movie with your friends and family because this movie is definitely gonna some of the box offices recodes. So share this blog to make the plan to watch the movie with your friends and family.

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