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Housefull, A famous Comedy Bollywood Franchise is still entertaining all his audience since 2010. The first movie of this franchise comes out on 30 April 2010 which was a full package of comedy and drama and the audience like that movie a lot. And now in 2019, they are coming with its 4th part Housefull 4 in this Diwali on 25th October 2019.

We are gonna see some action, comedy, and Fantasy in this movie and believe me this movie is gonna be the best movie of this Franchise. We can see all the popularity of this movie on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube, I think everywhere this movie is getting day by day.

The trailer was awesome and now the songs are also making this movie popular mostly because of the Shaitan Ka Saala song and its challenge. Which we can see on every platform by different celebrities and some normal peoples as well they all become the crazy fans of this crazy song.

The director Farhad Samji really did a great job in this movie and the writers also write a great story specially this time they come with a totally new story and this is quite good for the Franchise. And the casting is great and massive as always and this is one of the best things about the Housefull franchise.

Housefull 4 Movie Plot

Housefull 4 movie story is about an incomplete love story between 3 boys and 3 princesses in 1419 in Sitamgarh. Basically this story is held between 1419 (Sitamgarh) to 2019 (London). Because after reborn they fall in love with the other girls and when they are just about to marry those girls Akshay who is playing the role of Harry got his past life memories that how because of him no one gets his love. And then he does everything to gets their right partners back in their life.

Well, it seems to be a serious drama movie but this is not gonna happen in this movie because they make this movie in such a way that it will create happiness in your face at every turn this movie is a full package of Action, obviously Comedy and Fantasy.

So be prepared for this movie because this movie is gonna entertains you a lot on 25th October 2019.

Housefull 4 Trailer

The trailer is looking quite good the introduce every character in the movie. You can see the whole story in this trailer that what kind of things gonna happen in the movie how they are gonna connect the Reborn story of all the characters.

After watching the trailer we can say they really did a lot of hard work they use really great VFX, Costumes in the Past time and every character are perfectly made on the whole story. And all the characters of this movie are getting popular day by day.

Main Cast Of Housefull 4

Housefull 4 Cast

Bobby Deol As Angrakshak Dharamputra

Housefull 4 Bobby Deol

He is gonna be the bodyguard of the 3 princesses of Sitamgarh.

And in the future, he is playing the role of Max.

And he also in love with one of the princes.

Pooja Hegde Rajkumari Mala

Housefull 4 Pooja Hegde

One of the princesses of Sitamgarh (1419).

And after reborn in 2019, her name is Pooja.

All three female characters are sisters in the past and in the future also.

Riteish Deshmukh As Nartaki Bangdu Maharaj

Riteish Deshmukh

He is gonna be the Nartaki in the Sitamgarh who teaches dance to all the princesses.

And he is also in love with one of the princes.

And on the other side in 2019 (London) he is gonna play the role of Roy.

Kriti Kharbanda As Rajkumari Meena

Kriti Kharbanda

She is going to play the role of princesses Meena in 1419.

And the role of Neha in the time of 2019 in London.

she is the second sister.

Akshay Kumar Bala (Shaitan ka Saala)

Akshay Kumar

So Akshay is playing the role of Bala in the past time and he is the main character of this story.

And in the future time, he is playing the role of a barber named Harry.

He is the one who created all the mess in the time of 1419 in Sitamgarh and because of him, no one gets his loving once.

Kriti Sanon As Rajkumari Madhu

Kriti Sanon

She is going to play the role of princesses Madhu in 1419.

And the role of Kriti in the time of 2019.

She is the lover of Bala in the past time and in the future, he is in love with Max.

So this is a really complicated story as always there are girls changing problems. All the main characters are seemed to be quite good and they played their role in a great way which we can see in the trailer and songs.

And always there is a fixed place for the most famous person of this franchise Akhri Pasta (Chunky Pandey) who really makes this movie special.

Chunky Pandey

And there is a special entry of Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Baba who is trying to catch the ghost from Akshay’s body. The first time Nawazuddin is doing a comedy movie so it going to be fun to see him in this kind of Role.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Songs Of Housefull 4

All the songs of Housefull 4 are getting viral day by day and this thing shows the popularity of this movie and Housefull franchise. They release 3 songs till now and every single song just got his different fanbase and this is the best thing for the makers of Housefull 4 that they are getting so much love from the audience.

1.“Ek Chumma”Sameer AnjaanSohail SenSohail Sen, Altamash Faridi, Jyotica Tangri4:04
2.“Shaitan Ka Saala”Farhad SamjiSohail SenVishal Dadlani, Sohail Sen2:27
3.“The Bhoot Song”Farhad Samji, VayuFarhad Samji, Sandeep ShirodkarDevi Sri PrasadMika Singh, Farhad Samji3:58

Ek Chumma

They release this song on 30 September and in this they show all the main characters of the movie with there partners in the movie. In this song, all the male charters are trying to flirt with the girls. There is a short dance performance of Pooja Hegde, Kriti Sanon, and Kriti Kharbanda and all three are looking too hot in the black dance, which put some glory in the song.

Shaitan Ka Saala

This song is released on 7 October, this song is specially made for the Bala (Akshay’s character) who is somehow connected to a Shaitan that’s why they call him shaitan ka sala. And this song is getting too much viral all over the social media platforms. Bala becomes a trend all over the industry, they call it Bala challenge and all the industry and all the fans are taking part in this challenge.

The Bhoot Song

This song is released on 16 October, this song featured Nawazuddin Siddiqui in a kind of Exorcist (Baba) character, who is trying to catch the ghost from Akshay’s Body. This time Nawazuddin Siddiqui is trying a new type of character and as always he gives his 100% performance and I hope everyone gonna like this character.

#Bala Challenge On Twitter

We can see a lot of Bollywood actors and actresses, the director, the producer I guess everyone is in the fever of the Bala challenge. And this is the best thing for the makers of Housefull 4 that they are getting soo much love from all over India here is some videos of some famous celebrities-

Not only on Twitter #BalaChallenge is also getting viral on Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook. All the Youtubers Tik Tok starts and all the peoples accepting this challenge and posting the video on every platform.

You guys can also do the Bala challenge all you need to do is just shoot a video and post that video on Social Media by using #balachallenge.

Directed by 

Farhad Samji

Produced by 

Firuzi Khanco-producer
Sajid Nadiadwalaproducer
Sunny Suraniline producer (as Sunny Surani Limited) / line producer

Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)  

Tasha Bhambra(Additional Screenplay)
Sara Bodinar(story and screenplay)
Sajid Khan(screenplay)
Sparsh Khetarpal(Additional Screenplay)
Sajid Nadiadwala(story)


Akshay KumarHarry
Pooja HegdePooja
Kriti SanonKriti
Nawazuddin Siddiqui
Kriti KharbandaNeha
Zoha RahmanWedding Guest
Bobby DeolMax
Riteish DeshmukhRoy
Sharad KelkarRaghvan Patel
Rana Daggubati
Boman IraniBatuk Patel
Nana Patekar
Vaunisha KapoorRoyalist at Palace
Chunky PandeyAkhri Pasta
Sonia GoswamiRoyalist at Palace
Saurabh SachdevaRaazdar
Johnny LeverRangeela
Aakash DabhadeHarry’s Friend
Victoria Rose WilsonDancer
Christian Di SciulloBodyguard
Sammy John HeaneySamuel Jonas
Guru RandhawaParty Singer
To check the whole Cast and Crew Click Here

Housefull 4 Review

According to me this time Director Farhad Samji did a great job in making this movie and the budget of the movie is 75 crores and I think all the characters of the movie seem to be great. The characters are already getting viral like BALA and BANGDU. These kinds of things help you to know the popularity of the movie.

They way they connect the movie 1419 (Sitamgarh) to 2019 (London) is really great and as I said all the actors and actresses did a great job.

I am definitely going to watch the movie on 25 October. Are you going to watch the movie or not? what you like in the movie tell us in the Comment section.

Housefull Franchise

Housefull is the Sajid Nadiadwala franchise which is started in 2010 when the first part of Housefull came and become soo famous in the whole Bollywood It got too much love from all over India. And then they come with the second part in 2012 which was also a great movie and then in 2016 they come with the third part of House which also got a good collection in Box-office.

Overall all parts of Housefull got too much love from all over the world until now and the fourth part of it also seems to be great so let’s see on 25 October how much people love the Housefull franchise.

Housefull 1

The first part of Housefull came out on-screen on 30 April 2010 Which was Directed by Sajid Khan and story written by Sajid Nadiadwala.

Movie Plot

This movie is all about a person (Akshay Kumar) who is such a Loser wherever he goes he creates the mess in his life and other people’s life also. Then finally he got a girl (Deepika Padukone) and everything becomes normal for some time but again all the mess started because of the girl brother.

The story shows his life in such an entertaining way that you will never gonna forget about that. All the casting of this movie is great they

  • Budget: 47 crores
  • Box office India: 73 crores
  • Box office worldwide: 117 crores

Directed by 

Sajid Khan
Akshay KumarAarush
Deepika PadukoneSandy
Riteish DeshmukhBob
Lara DuttaHetal
Arjun RampalMajor Krishna Rao
Boman IraniBatuk Pappa
Jiah KhanDevika
Randhir KapoorKishore Samtani
Chunky PandeyAakhri Pasta
Lillete DubeyZulekha
Malaika AroraPooja (as Malaika Arora Khan)
To check full cast Click Here

Housefull 2

The first part of Housefull came out on-screen on 5 April 2012 Which was Directed by Sajid Khan and story written by Sajid Nadiadwala.

Movie Plot

The story is about 4 Fathers, 4 Jolly, 4 Brides, and 1 confusion where all the mess started just because of JD’s money. There is a lot of confusion about the bride and groom and all the messes create about this.

The Story is written in such a great way there is entertainment in every turn of the movie. And the casting is also quite good as always. There is Rishi Kapoor, Randhir Kapoor, and Mithun Chakraborty type of great superstars in the movie which makes this movie more attractive for those who love the old 90’s type movie.

  • Budget: 72 crores
  • Box office India: 112 crores
  • Box office worldwide: 189 crores

Directed by 

Sajid Khan
Akshay KumarSunny
John AbrahamMax
Jacqueline FernandezBobby
Riteish DeshmukhJolly aka Jwala (as Ritesh Deshmukh)
Shreyas TalpadeJai
Zareen KhanJLo (as Zarine Khan)
Shazahn PadamseeParul
Mithun ChakrabortyJD aka Jagga Daaku
Rishi KapoorChintu Kapoor
Randhir KapoorDaboo Kapoor
Boman IraniBatook Patel
To check the whole Cast and Crew Click Here

Housefull 3

The first part of Housefull came out on-screen on 3 June 2016 Which was Directed by Sajid, Farhad Samji and story written by Sajid Nadiadwala.

Movie Plot

This story is about 3 boys ( Akshay Kumar, Abhishek Bachchan, Riteish Deshmukh) who love 3 Rich girls ( Jacqueline Fernandez, Nargis Fakhri, Lisa Haydon ) for there money but her fathers don’t want to marry his daughter so they do a lot of mess to marry those girls.

There are Jackie Shroff types of big superstars in the movie which makes this movie blockbuster.

  • Budget: 85 crores
  • Box office India: 108 crores
  • Box office worldwide: 182 crores

Directed by 

Farhad Samji(as Farhad)
Akshay KumarSandy AKA Sundi
Abhishek BachchanBunty
Riteish DeshmukhTeddy
Jackie ShroffUrja Nagre
Jacqueline FernandezGanga
Nargis FakhriSaraswati
Lisa HaydonJamuna
Boman IraniBatuk Patel
Sameer KochharRishi (as Samir Kochhar)
Nikitin DheerRohan
Arav ChowdharryRajeev
Chunky PandeyAkhri Pasta
To check the whole Cast and Crew Click Here


I like the whole franchise of Housefull every part of this is great in his own way and every part got a great box office collection. From 9 Years this franchise entertaining us with some great, new and creative ideas. Half you think that they always make the movies about the changing girls but it’s not like that they always come with the new ideas which always entertain you and you like them a lot that’s why they are continuously working in this franchise.

Share your thoughts about the Housefull franchise, and tell us Who is your favorite characters in the whole franchise and why? Let the whole world know why we guys love this franchise so much.

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